EvCC Leadership Academy

Group name: Scrabble Team

Members: Molly Beeman, Ray Kubista, Laura Hart, Leanne Shults, Karl Ritter and Rose Mohamadin.
Project Summary: Their project was to research and develop a mentoring program for EvCC employees. This will be tested next year in conjunction with Human Resources.

Group name: Mancala Team

Members: Leslie Kikuchi, Judy Thomas, Sharon Ralston, Alex Zimmerman, Linda Berkley and Cheryl Schneider.
Project Summary: Their project resulted in an employee recognition page that brought together information about awards and honors that have been made to EvCC employees, ideas for employee recognition, and the "Wall of Thanks". 

Group name: Jenga Team

Members: Ariana Stafford, Steve Lyons, Linda Zuvich, Sharon Schuhow and July Libby.
Project Summary: Their team developed a "frequently asked questions' page for EvCC employees on the Intranet: https://intranet.everettcc.edu/departments/fac-emp-services/faq/.