NWAACC Champions - 2013
NWAACC Northern Region Champions - 2013, 2005

2012 Baseball
Front Row: B. Monson, C. Jansen, K. Whatley, J. Thomas, P. Wilen, C. Snider
2nd Row:  J. Morgan, B. Dormaier, J. Naff, T. Dohr, W. Curtis, C. Duffy, C. Jackson
3rd Row:  A. Blackie, T. Braun, S. Lee, R. O'Brien, D. Holmberg, A. Keen, J. Duffy
4th Row:  B. Tamm, N. Baughman, J. Pullen, M. Wood, R. Henderson, B. Firth
5th Row:  B. Ludeman, E. Anthony, A. Bean, A. Sprague, T. Murphy, J. Brewer
Last Row: C. O'Donnell, J. Winn, A. Pennylegion, J. Julagay, D. Pittis

Northern Region Standings 2014 as of 4/14/14

  League Overall 2013
Bellevue College 8-0 13-13 4th Place
Edmonds CC 10-2 22-4  
Skagit Valley College 5-3 10-12  
Douglas College 6-6 7-12  
EVERETT CC 4-4 11-12 1st Place
Olympic College 2-10 5-21  
Shoreline CC 1-11 5-17  

Z - 1st in League
W - automatic entry to NWAACC Tournament
X - Winner of Playoff Series and #1 seed for NWAACC Tournament
      (Playoff Series is double elimination tournament with 1st - 4th places)
Y - Participants in the Playoff Series

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