Nursing Program

Program Announcements

The Nursing Program will no longer be offering the LPN to RN advanced placement program. Any LPN wishing to join the program will need to compete as any other applicant, following the admission criteria guidelines.

New Immunizations and Background Check Procedures for the Nursing Program

All immunization documentation and criminal background checks for the Nursing program must now go through our new online databank system. The Health Professions Service Center will no longer accept this documentation at their office. If you plan to take Nurs 110 you must have your records uploaded into this new system to receive a permission code for this class. Here are the links for the directions on how to create your account, upload your immunizations Acrobat PDF Reader Icon, and complete your background check Acrobat PDF Reader Icon.


As the second oldest associate degree program in Washington state, Nurse with patient in bedEvCC's nursing program has been preparing students to be registered nurses since 1950. Graduates of our accredited program receive an Associates in Arts and Sciences in Nursing degree. Following the national movement for nurses to seek more education, most graduates continue their studies and earn BSN or higher nursing degrees.

The Nursing Curriculum includes a strong foundation in communication, biological and social sciences, Nursing Studentgeneral education and nursing courses. Students integrate theory and practice throughout the Nursing Program. Application occurs in campus laboratories, simulation laboratories, classroom settings, acute care hospitals, long-term care facilities, and community health care settings.

The Profession of Nursing requires practice that is based on nursing as an art and a science. Thus your nursing education at Everett Community College involves a high level of both academic studies and learned professional behaviors. Compassion, caring, critical thinking, clinical judgment making, collaboration, communication, cognitive ability, and professional and ethic conduct are requisite to a successful nursing education and career. See 'Essential Qualifications'.

The Nursing Faculty are committed to the success of Everett’s Nursing Students. We work diligently to view each student as an individual who is capable to attaining the high standards of nursing. We strive to assist students to attain their goals, and we endeavor to model the personal and professional characteristics which we seek to develop in our students.